(Italic items relevant to end users)

New features:

  • Correct version is displayed on ICASA screen for both CHR2/CHR4
  • Advertising name for CHR4 devices changed to “Striiv Dash-XXXX”
  • Improved charge rate / reduced charge time.
  • Alg version 6.0.25 implemented
  • Increased activity limbo time to 5 minutes.
  • Activity Metric v0.2 and Automatic Exercise Session Detection V0.2 implemented on device.

Bug fixes and improvements from v2.292 to v1.301:

  • HR algorithm resets after 10 second off-skin.
  • Activity Metric never gets 0 Resting HR / Max HR values
  • Start/Stop token times of HR and Accelerometer feature logged in high definition dotnet time (greater than 1 second resolution)