This firmware relates to the Striiv CHR2 tracker only.

New Features in v.1.308:

  • Enables the detection of non-user-initiated automatic exercise sessions on the tracker.

Bug fixes and improvements from v1.301 to v1.308:

  • The Activity Metric will discard activities if your calorie expenditure is too low.
  • The Striiv URL has been removed from the initialization screen.

Known issues in v1.308:

  • There is no feedback (buzz notifications) to the user when the tracker stops sampling due to the battery level reaching 5% or lower.
  • If an exercise session starts with a short burst of activity (< 3 minutes), followed by rest (<5 minutes), and then followed by moderate to vigorous exercise (>10min), the metrics are not logged from the start of the short activity, but are instead logged from the second activity start. The event will, however, start at the onset of the short burst of activity.