Getting started

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Step 1: Charge your tracker

The CHR4

  • In the box you'll find your tracker, with the straps of the wristband attached to either side of the display unit, along with a USB extension cable.
  • Pulling firmly, remove the straps from the display unit to locate the USB plug, which contains the metal contact pins.

  • Connect the display unit's USB plug to the extension cable. 

  • Plug the other end of the extension cable into a computer's USB port or a USB wall outlet adapter.
  • If the display unit is connected properly, its screen will switch on automatically when the extension cable is plugged into a USB port. If not, check that the metal pins on the display unit's USB plug are making proper contact with the extension cable.
  • Leave the display unit to charge for about 90 minutes.

The CHR2

  • In the box you'll find your tracker display unit in a black rubber wristband, as well as a USB cable.
  • Pop the display unit out of the wristband.

  • Plug the micro USB end of the cable into the port on the side of the display unit.

  • Plug the other end of the cable into a computer's USB port or a USB wall outlet adapter.
  • Leave the display unit to charge for about 90 minutes.


Step 2: Connect your tracker to your app

For instructions, please see the "Getting Started" guide for your specific app in the "Your App" section. 

Finding your Bluetooth pairing code

Your app may prompt you to supply a Bluetooth pairing code:



To find your pairing code, you will need to double-tap the side of your tracker's display unit to activate the screen. Swipe to the Battery screen, then tap and hold the battery icon to access the Info screen (see image below). Tap "OK" on the Info screen. The very next screen will display your pairing code. Be sure to select the same code from the "Select your tracker" list in the app if there is more than one tracker in range. Alternatively, if you have added your tracker before, swipe to the Settings screen, tap "OK" to access the Info screen, then tap "OK" to view your pairing code.



Step 3: Tracker placement

Your tracker should be worn on your non-dominant wrist, positioned just above the wrist bone.

Please note: The tracker should be secure but comfortable, and it should not move around. 


Step 4: Start tracking

  • You do not need to start or stop your tracker to record activity. Your tracker will start automatically when placed on your wrist and continuously monitor your heart rate.
  • Continue with your day as usual while your tracker collects your data.



Please note: Your tracker's heart rate monitor will only start once you have created a valid app profile and connected it to your tracker. As long as your profile is unvalidated, you won't be able to use your tracker. If your tracker fails to charge or respond to taps and swipes, or if the heart rate monitor (green LEDs at the back of the display unit) does not start after you have successfully signed up, please contact Support.

Step 5: Stop tracking

The heart rate monitor will automatically switch off when you remove your tracker from your wrist. If your tracker senses movement, the heart rate monitor might start looking for a heart rate again.


Step 6: Upload your data

Your tracker data should upload automatically when the app is open on your mobile device and your tracker is connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth.  

To get the most value out of your report, we recommend wearing your tracker for at least 24 hours before uploading data.


Please note: If your internet connection is unstable, the upload will automatically be re-attempted once the connection is stable again.


Step 7: View your data 

A visual representation of your data will be available in the app.

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