HealthSnapp for Android v.0.2.5.r1 - 29/05/2018

Modified on Thu, 31 May 2018 at 08:48 AM

Please note: 

The following steps are only necessary, should you be upgrading from HealthSnapp version 0.2.3 or older:

  • Upload your data to HealthSnapp
  • Remove the tracker from HealthSnapp
  • Factory reset the tracker
  • Uninstall the current HealthSnapp
  • Open Google Play and install the latest version of the app
  • Login and sync the tracker to your profile

New features:

  • All the “Get help” and “Learn more” buttons now link to our new Help Site on Freshdesk.

Things we've made better:

  • Remote software updates are now quicker and smoother.
  • We have taken steps to decrease the amount of app crashes.
  • The speed at which you can run during the VO2 submax test has been limited to 12 km/h.
  • If you have selected the imperial measuring system, your profile will remain on this measuring system, even after you leave the Profile screen.
  • You will experience no more errors when updating your first and last name.

Things we're still working on:

  • Some users are unable to connect their tracker to the app.
  • We’re taking steps to make the tracker pairing process more reliable.
  • The data upload progress is not displayed after your profile has been updated and your tracker restarted.
  • Height and weight values are not displayed in the preferred measuring units.
  • During a remote software update, the “Prepare for tracker restart” message disappears when you leave the Tracker screen, even though the tracker is still busy restarting.
  • Sometimes, after a successful remote software update or after a tracker has been factory reset, the tracker will appear as connected on the Graphs screen, but as disconnected on the Tracker screen.
  • While creating a profile, you may notice that the Imperial and Metric buttons seem to have different background colors.
  • During profile creation, the instruction to "Please choose a measuring system" is in black, which makes it quite difficult to see on the dark background.

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