Things we've made better:

  • Various design improvements have been made throughout the app.
  • You can expect improved user guidance.
  • Data uploading is now more efficient.
  • We’ve improved the tracker software update process for newly added trackers.
  • We’ve improved tracker software update notifications.
  • You can now postpone tracker software updates.
  • You can manually update your tracker software after postponing the update.
  • To prevent failed updates, tracker software updates won’t start if your tracker’s battery is below 10%.
  • The ability of the tracker and app to connect has improved.
  • You can now view your tracker details in the app, even while your tracker is not connected.
  • You can now remove an old tracker from your profile on the Tracker screen.
  • You can now copy the tracker details on the Tracker screen by pressing and holding the details for 10 seconds.
  • The upload progress bar no longer gets stuck after an upload has been completed.
  • The Tracker screen no longer shows that the battery is empty when the tracker is plugged in.
  • You will no longer receive upload reminders while you are not signed in to the app.
  • All Health Assessments links have been updated to redirect to the correct Help Site articles.  

Things we're still working on:

  • During a tracker software update, the “Upload data” button is still displayed on the Tracker screen.