LifeQ Explorer for Android 0.3.4.r37 - 21/06/2018

Modified on Wed, 20 Jun 2018 at 04:06 PM

New features

  • HealthSnapp has been rebranded as LifeQ Explorer.
  • We’ve shortened the process of creating a new profile by adding an access code screen. LIFEQ1 can be used as an access code.
  • Your tracker's time zone will now automatically match your phone's time zone.
  • Your report graphs will now be updated as soon as your data has finished uploading.
  • The report filter has been updated. 
  • All the report graphs now have the new “drill-down” feature, which allows you to narrow down the week/month view to a specific day.
  • The Health Assessment tab has been added, but please note that your assessments will not be displayed yet.
  • The option to generate a support code has been added to the About tab .
  • On version 8.0.0 of Android (Oreo), the app will no longer crash while data is busy uploading in the background. 
  • You will no longer see the live feed of your heart rate, steps and calories in the app.
  • We shifted the data points on the x-axis of the daily view to the left so that the data points to the right don’t fall off the graphs. (Please note that the daily values for calories, steps, and heart rate have been shifted forward by one time interval. For example, all steps that happened between 13:00 and 14:00 would previously have been aggregated and displayed at 13:00. Since the daily values have now been shifted forward by one time interval, the steps between 13:00 and 14:00 will now be displayed at 14:00).
  • Minimum heart rate has been removed from certain builds of the app.

Things we’ve made better

  • Date of birth during profile creation now behaves correctly.
  • After a successful remote software update, the progress bar at the bottom of the report screen will no longer show that the update has failed. 
  • When an upload is interrupted, the tracker should reconnect and the upload should start again automatically.
  • The correct tracker connection status will now be displayed, regardless of your skin tone.
  • Your height and weight will now be displayed in your selected measuring system.
  • When you return to the app after leaving it to verify your email address, the app will reopen on the screen where you left off (the profile activation screen). 
  • The app no longer sporadically crashes when an upload is interrupted.
  • The app now checks that your Bluetooth and location services are switched on when you connect your tracker. 
  • After leaving the Tracker screen during a remote software update, the message "Prepare for tracker restart" will now be displayed properly upon your return.
  • We fixed the issue where heart rate per 15 minutes was not displayed.
  • The light bulb icon on the daily sleep view now works.

Things we’re still working on

  • Remote software updates are sometimes unreliable:
    • The screen can get stuck on "Uploading tracker data - 100%".
    • Sometimes the update stops and disappears when navigating from the Tracker screen to the Report tab.
    • The Report tab may show that data is uploading while the tracker is busy restarting itself.
    • The above issues can be fixed by quitting the app, switching your Bluetooth off and on again, and then reopening the app. 
  • On the Profile tab, your date of birth is displayed as the present day’s day and month (however, this is just a display issue as the date is saved correctly in our system).
  • The tracker sometimes restarts during an upload. 
  • The app does not yet show an appropriate error message to notify you that a password may not contain special characters. 
  • Invalid height and weight values are accepted during profile creation. 
  • When you open the app, the filter should open on the current day/week/month, on the same metric (heart rate, steps, calories, or sleep) as previously selected.
  • The report filter is slightly unintuitive (you have to select a filter and then click "Filter").
  • When a tracker struggles to connect to the app, we do not provide enough information about why this may be happening.
  • There are some connectivity issues with Huawei phones. 
  • Tracker pairing can be unreliable.
  • Some users need to restart their phones in order for their trackers to connect to the app.
  • When returning to the app after following one of the "Learn more" buttons on the Feature Information screens, the Report tab jumps back to the top of the graphs and displays the Heart Rate Information screen again.

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