LifeQ Explorer for Android 0.4.2 - 01/08/2018

Modified on Wed, 01 Aug 2018 at 10:54 AM

New features:

  • When creating or changing your password, there will now be a link you can click to see which special characters are allowed.
  • If your smartphone has Android version 8.0, LifeQ Explorer will try to upload data in the background while your phone is charging (if the app is left open in the background).
  • We have clarified the terminology used during the tracker setup process, including differentiating between adding a tracker and connecting a tracker.
  • We have added a button to the Tracker screen that allows you to manually connect your tracker.
  • If you haven’t uploaded data in the last 24 hours, you will now receive a friendly reminder to do so.

Things we’ve made better:

  • The connection between the tracker and the app  is now more reliable.
  • General updates have been made to the interface.
  • Date of birth is saved and displayed correctly now.
  • You can now navigate back when editing an email address while creating your profile.
  • The upload progress bar on the Tracker screen now displays correctly after you restart your tracker. 
  • Your data will be uploaded before a tracker software update starts.
  • Remote tracker software updates are now more reliable. 
  • The title of the Fitness tab is now always correctly displayed.
  • Graphs are no longer unnecessarily refreshed.
  • Both your tracker and app will now show the correct connection status.
  • Once your tracker has been successfully added, an upload will automatically start. 
  • When you try to add a tracker without an internet connection, a message will notify you that you need to connect to the internet. 

Things we’re still working on:

  • The filter doesn’t update to the most recent day/week/month after midnight.
  • Although remote software updates are now more reliable, some issues still need to be solved.
  • When your Bluetooth connection is interrupted during an upload, you need to close the app before your tracker can reconnect. 
  • When you follow the “Learn more” link on one of the feature information screens and then return to the app, the feature information screen closes automatically.
  • Sometimes the upload progress bar gets stuck just before completing, even though all your data has been uploaded successfully. This is purely a display issue.
  • Sometimes, after a tracker has been added successfully, you may still get the “Add tracker” message.
  • If your tracker is already added to a profile, you can’t add it to a different profile without removing or factory resetting your tracker. 
  • When your tracker can’t be found, a clear error message needs to be given. 
  • With some phones, you need to restart the phone before your tracker will connect.
  • Your tracker may still have trouble connecting to the app.
  • If you have added a tracker and then quickly removed it before it could connect to the app, you won’t be able to add another tracker. 
  • Height and weight can sometimes be set to the same value during profile creation.

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