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What is Device Usage?

Device usage represents the total time that you have been wearing your device and sampling data. To ensure that your scores are as accurate as possible, we recommend daily usage of at least 75%, or 18 hours. Daily usage will count up to your monthly usage, which will then be used in conjunction with your scores to calculate your bonus coverage.

Why is usage important?

The more you wear your device, the more accurate your scores and bonus coverage will be. It is important to capture data for a variety of activities, and so we recommend that you wear your device not only while being active, but also during stationary time, while sleeping, and when driving.

When will I see my usage in the app?

You can expect to see usage as soon as you have uploaded all your data. You will also be able to see your usage on the device in near real-time.

What influences my usage?

The more you wear your device, the higher your usage will be. We recommend that you wear the device during the day and night (at least 18 hours or more).

Why do I have more usage hours than hourly heart rate values? 

Only valid, accurate heart rate data is logged, captured and shown in the app. This means that the amount of heart rate data shown could be less than the usage hours, as usage hours are calculated based on the time  that the watch was on your wrist with sufficient battery and memory to log data. 


User reports missing daily usage

  • Did the user wear the device?

  • Has the user performed a successful upload?

  • Ask the user to perform another upload.

    • Ask the user to confirm whether their usage is now displayed.

  • Was the device fitted securely?

    • The device must not be so loose that it moves around a lot, nor must it be so tight that it restricts blood flow.

    • It is best to fit the device above the wrist bone.

User reports missing or perceived inaccurate monthly usage

  • Has the user uploaded their data?

    • The user is required to upload their data before month-end to get accurate usage.

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