Adding your tracker

Once you have added a tracker to your profile, it should automatically connect to LifeQ Explorer when you open the app. If you are having trouble adding and/or connecting your tracker to the app, please ensure that your mobile device's location services, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are switched on, and that your tracker is fully charged and close to your phone. If this does not work, please try the following:

  • Close LifeQ Explorer and remove it from your mobile device's memory.
  • Switch your mobile device's Bluetooth off and on.
  • Swipe to your tracker's Settings screen and tap "OK". Then swipe to the Restart screen (see image below) and tap "OK" to restart your tracker. ¬†

  • Plug the tracker into a computer.
  • Open LifeQ Explorer on your mobile device.
  • Re-attempt adding and/or connecting your tracker.

Please repeat the above process a few times with the tracker still connected to the computer before attempting the steps below.

If you are still unable to add and/or connect your tracker, tap on the tracker icon in the top left corner of the app's Report screen and select "Remove tracker". Then attempt to add and/or connect the tracker again.

If you are still unsuccessful, please restart your mobile device before re-attempting the steps above. 

The last resort is to remove the tracker from LifeQ Explorer, factory reset the tracker, plug the tracker into a computer, and attempt to add and connect it again. Please see tips on factory resetting your tracker in the FAQ section.

Please note: Factory resetting the tracker will cause all your non-uploaded data to be lost.