Why can't I see my sleep data?

Modified on Fri, 27 Jul 2018 at 12:53 PM

Your sleep data is displayed on the day that your sleep session started, so if you would like to see your sleep data from last night, take a look at yesterday's report.


If you are looking at the correct date and still can't see your sleep data, these frequently asked questions may help you understand why:


Why don’t I see my sleep data in my report?

You slept for a very short or very long period time.

Our sleep model does not process sleep sessions that last less than three hours or more than 14 hours and 12 minutes.

Your tracker’s battery and/or memory ran out during the night.

When your tracker’s battery and/or memory runs out, it stops collecting data, which means you won’t see sleep data in your report the next morning. 

Before going to bed, make sure that your tracker’s battery is at least 30% full and that all your latest data has been uploaded.

Your sleep position affected your tracker’s reading.

You may have slept in a position that prevented your tracker from taking consistent heart rate readings, or your tracker may have been fitted too loosely. For best results, wear your tracker higher up on your arm - about 2-3 fingers' width above your wrist bone - and ensure the strap is secure without being too tight. 

Why do I have to wait so long before I can see my sleep data in my report?

You don’t upload your data frequently, or you only partially upload your data.

Before a sleep session can be processed and displayed in your report, it has to be uploaded completely.

We suggest uploading your data at least once a day.

You tried to view your sleep data less than two hours after your last completed upload.

Due to the complex nature of processing sleep data, we recommend that you wait two hours after waking up before uploading your data. If the data upload was successfully completed, you should see your sleep data within another two hours following the upload.

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