Why is some of my data missing?

Modified on Wed, 27 Feb 2019 at 02:11 PM

Data not uploaded

The main reason that you may have data missing from your report is because your data has not yet been uploaded from your tracker. When you connect your tracker to LifeQ Explorer, the stored data will automatically be uploaded. 

Please ensure the upload has been completed by noting the cloud icon displayed at the top of the screen. Once the upload is complete, a tick mark will appear in the cloud icon. You can also view the date and time that your data was last uploaded by clicking on the tracker icon in the top left corner of the Report screen.

If you have trouble uploading your data, please see tips on uploading your data in the Troubleshooting section.

Please note: Allow at least five to ten minutes for heart rate and calories data and up to four hours for sleep data to show in the app.


Cached report

Another reason that your data may not yet be available in the report could be because the report has been cached, meaning that it has not yet been refreshed after the upload. This will prevent you from viewing your data immediately after the upload. If your data has uploaded, and you are still unable to view the data, manually clear the cache in your report by closing and reopening LifeQ Explorer to refresh the graphs.


Low battery or memory

Although the tracker will inform you when the battery or memory is low, many users continue to wear the tracker long after it has run out of battery or memory. You will still be able to view the date and time on the tracker when the battery or memory is low; however, the tracker will not be collecting any data over this time, which will result in no data being displayed in the report.

Please ensure that your tracker always has sufficient battery and memory to collect your data throughout the day.


Poor fit

The tracker is designed to fit snugly on your wrist, with no external light being able to pass between the sensor and your skin. If the tracker is worn too loosely, the sensor may not be able to pick up your heart rate, and no data will be collected.

If you observe frequent periods of missing data in your report, please tighten your tracker's strap for a more secure fit; however, ensure that the fit is not uncomfortable. Wearing the tracker slightly higher up on your wrist may also improve your signal quality and the collection of accurate data.

If, after all of this, data is still missing from your report, please contact Support by submitting a request.

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